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A slice of life comic about myself, who is better described as "the weird girl that draws". ***Updates are sporadic due to school and part-time commissions, sorries! D-: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/accbynicolle All webcomics on this site are ©Nicolle R.


» Update and word of warning


A lot of good things have been happening lately. I have secured a career, boyfriend says that I am "the best person [he] ever dated" and that I am his favorite girlfriend (ever 8-O) *ahem*, and I am finishing up my last rotations having developed more confidence in my ability to practice as a full-fledged pharmacist/career-woman with a PharmD.

I would tell you where I got a job, but there are some people out there on the internet that have made me increasingly wary and worried about what I post about myself online. Sadly, the stalkers will still probably find out where I got a job (BUT HOPEFULLY NOT WHERE I LIVE)... Anyway, I have created a lot of these webcomics based mostly on my life (though oftentimes exaggerated) as a means of stress relief and a way to make others happy/laugh (a little? Maybe?).

What is scary is that sometimes when I post personal things on this webcomic/blog or even my Facebook, stalkers take it as a signal that I am possibly thinking about them in some way. Although I encourage others to enjoy what I have created, I do not wish to be anyone's obsession, etc, which is how I have felt interacting with some of these people.

Ex/ I post one thing on Facebook, a quote from one of my favorite comics (unknowingly in a public fashion), and a known stalker "friends" me at 2am (How. Creepy. Is. That.) because before I knew any better, I had divulged and shared this comic with this person and somehow this person thinks that I am thinking about this person in any way. Everything was all fine and dandy, really, until this person emailed me something referring to something along the lines of soft child pornography (yikes!).

And so, dear readers, thank you so much for your continued readership and support (hopefully I'll update more often when I take/pass the boards, etc), but to those select readers, please don't stalk me or harass me (or even reach out to contact me) in any way- it makes me fearful being by myself at times (yes, I am being serious- not trying to be funny here this time).

Anyway, on a lighter note, check out this video of some otters! http://youtu.be/fHNx_3aCx6s

» Comic updates will be more sporadic for a a few months

The days are slowly cooling down! You know what that means, right? Driving in my car with its broken air conditioning (and I ain't payin' $700 for a new condenser when we will probably donate ol' Black Beauty next year) will soon become more tolerable! *0*

It also means that another school year will begin for me... my last full year of classes (I still have another full year afterwards of rotations- weh)! I'm still working on my commissioned part-time project, so comic-drawing will have to be pushed to the side.

But y'all can check the site periodically, folks! You may find a surprise comic update, yeehoo!

» Hiatus until April 19th!

I'll be taking a hiatus until April 19th because schoolwork + extra stressors have made me feel like overstretched limp pizza dough. See you guys then!

» Post holiday message

Hey, everyone! Hope you all have had a peaceful holiday season in whatever way you enjoy celebrating it the most.

I just would like to take the time thank you, yes YOU for your readership. Whether a comment on this blog, on Facebook, or in face-to-face conversation, any form of acknowledgement that my comic has made you laugh or at least smile even for just a few seconds totally makes my day...sometimes my week...sometimes even more than that (especially considering I'm running this comic for free with practically no advertising for it other than on Facebook or through my school's underground publication, "The Rutgers Review").

Why so sappy? Perhaps because I'm playing a Johnny Cash love song collection on my boom box (currently: "Lay your head...upon my pillow..." aka For the Good Times).


Perhaps also because I recently made a point to hang out and catch up with an old friend I had decided to break off from 6 months prior. I've broken contact with other friends before, and perhaps I have learned from the forthcoming loneliness that "being right" or sticking to a grudge just to have the upper hand might not be the best thing to do for overall well-being.

I went to Thanksgiving Mass this past year, and for the homily, the priest essentially set up an open-mike for denizens of the congregation to come up and say what he or she is thankful for that season. One woman came up and said that she was thankful for God to giving her the strength and courage to contact her sister with whom she had not spoken to in 10 years. That is one whole decade of not talking to someone who shares pretty much 1/2 of your genetic makeup!

I guess this season I am thankful for being able to step off my high horse and forgive.

And, of course, I am thankful for you! Thanks for sharing your readership with me.

» Hiatus until after Christmas

Hey, guys, so I have finals and then I'm headed straight for Florida for a nice, sun-shiny trip to see the Grams and Grandpa. I will continue with comics after. Hang tight! Happy holidays, everyone. :-)

» Hello, summer!

Summer time is here! You too can share in my jubilation by enjoying weekly comics here ^__^

» D-':

Dear kind folks who read my comic, I don't think I can manage anything for the next 2-3 weeks...What with my finals lurking around the corner and a deluge of exams right before. Thank you so much for your readership and I will post something up as soon as possible!

» Wa-hey!

I didn't like how on the main webpage it looks like there's no new update because of the previous news post, so I made THIS news post to prevent any possible confusion. Hurray!

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