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April 21st, 2016, 7:23 pm - Update and word of warning


A lot of good things have been happening lately. I have secured a career, boyfriend says that I am "the best person [he] ever dated" and that I am his favorite girlfriend (ever 8-O) *ahem*, and I am finishing up my last rotations having developed more confidence in my ability to practice as a full-fledged pharmacist/career-woman with a PharmD.

I would tell you where I got a job, but there are some people out there on the internet that have made me increasingly wary and worried about what I post about myself online. Sadly, the stalkers will still probably find out where I got a job (BUT HOPEFULLY NOT WHERE I LIVE)... Anyway, I have created a lot of these webcomics based mostly on my life (though oftentimes exaggerated) as a means of stress relief and a way to make others happy/laugh (a little? Maybe?).

What is scary is that sometimes when I post personal things on this webcomic/blog or even my Facebook, stalkers take it as a signal that I am possibly thinking about them in some way. Although I encourage others to enjoy what I have created, I do not wish to be anyone's obsession, etc, which is how I have felt interacting with some of these people.

Ex/ I post one thing on Facebook, a quote from one of my favorite comics (unknowingly in a public fashion), and a known stalker "friends" me at 2am (How. Creepy. Is. That.) because before I knew any better, I had divulged and shared this comic with this person and somehow this person thinks that I am thinking about this person in any way. Everything was all fine and dandy, really, until this person emailed me something referring to something along the lines of soft child pornography (yikes!).

And so, dear readers, thank you so much for your continued readership and support (hopefully I'll update more often when I take/pass the boards, etc), but to those select readers, please don't stalk me or harass me (or even reach out to contact me) in any way- it makes me fearful being by myself at times (yes, I am being serious- not trying to be funny here this time).

Anyway, on a lighter note, check out this video of some otters!


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