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January 2nd, 2014, 2:50 pm - Post holiday message

Hey, everyone! Hope you all have had a peaceful holiday season in whatever way you enjoy celebrating it the most.

I just would like to take the time thank you, yes YOU for your readership. Whether a comment on this blog, on Facebook, or in face-to-face conversation, any form of acknowledgement that my comic has made you laugh or at least smile even for just a few seconds totally makes my day...sometimes my week...sometimes even more than that (especially considering I'm running this comic for free with practically no advertising for it other than on Facebook or through my school's underground publication, "The Rutgers Review").

Why so sappy? Perhaps because I'm playing a Johnny Cash love song collection on my boom box (currently: "Lay your head...upon my pillow..." aka For the Good Times).


Perhaps also because I recently made a point to hang out and catch up with an old friend I had decided to break off from 6 months prior. I've broken contact with other friends before, and perhaps I have learned from the forthcoming loneliness that "being right" or sticking to a grudge just to have the upper hand might not be the best thing to do for overall well-being.

I went to Thanksgiving Mass this past year, and for the homily, the priest essentially set up an open-mike for denizens of the congregation to come up and say what he or she is thankful for that season. One woman came up and said that she was thankful for God to giving her the strength and courage to contact her sister with whom she had not spoken to in 10 years. That is one whole decade of not talking to someone who shares pretty much 1/2 of your genetic makeup!

I guess this season I am thankful for being able to step off my high horse and forgive.

And, of course, I am thankful for you! Thanks for sharing your readership with me.


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